The Magical Mirror

The Magical Mirror

There once lived a boy named Angad who was very rich and clever. He had practically everything that a boy could ever want. He always wanted something rare and unique. One day, he bought a MIRROR from the local market.

His parents asked him about the mirror and he replied, “Father, this mirror is very strange!” Father exclaimed, “Strange!”

Angad said, “Father, it reflects our inner feelings!”

Angad made it a practice to see himself in the mirror, daily. His reflection appeared SAD! Even though he tried smiling…..making funny faces and much more….yet his reflection seemed to be sad only! Angad was puzzled!!!!!!!

Angad wanted to change the expression in the mirror. One day, he went to the local market to buy sweets. On his way back, he bought many toys and returned very happy! Still his expression, in the mirror, remained sad.

“Crickey!” what a terrible mirror! It is the first time I have seen a mirror that does not work properly.

Days passed by…. One day, Angad was playing in the park, when he saw a little girl crying her heart out. He quickly went up to her and asked, “Oh you little one…Why are you crying? What happened?” The little girl replied, “I am lost and unable to find my parents!”

Angad felt sad for the little girl. He said, “Come…let us search for them!” After a long search, the lost girl found her parents and was very happy.

Angad returned home and went straight to his room. His reflection in the mirror was ‘radiant!’ and shining with happiness.

Then, he realized that the ‘real happiness’ lies in helping others.

MORAL: HAPPINESS doubles when shared while SORROW halves when shared!


Written by,

Sujatha Sekhar Balaji
Rachel Vidya