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Identify the image

2. Which present day hill station was formerly part of the kingdom of Sikkim?



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4. Which of these rivers originate in India?


5. Who was the last member of the Macedonian Ptolemaic dynasty to rule Egypt?


6. Who won the French Open 2016 Women’s single title?


7. What does ‘M’ in MRI stand for?


8. Simplify this: The day before day after the day after the day before yesterday.

9. Which country’s highest peak is Mount Arafat?


10. World Blood Donor’s day is celebrated on?


11. Which of these elements is not named after a scientist?


12. Which scientist is the greatest of all time, having over 1000 patents to his credits?


13. Which is a synthetic radioactive metallic element, providing power to the orbiting satellites?


14. The heaviest of all the planets also rotates faster than any other planet. Name it.



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16. In the word RECTANGULAR how many letters appear in the same positions as they do in the alphabets?

17. In which present day country was the battle of Waterloo fought?


18. According to Hindu mythology, who is the king of the yakshas?


19. Archeological remains of which institution is found in the vicinity of a village called ‘Bara Gaon’ in the eastern part of India?


20. Which is the only giant planet whose equator is nearly at right angles to its orbit?


21. Which is the world’s largest eagle?


22. Which one is the odd one

23. Does the last statement follow the first two:
a. Marion is an Italian.
b. Marion sings beautifully.
c. All Italians sing beautifully.

24. In the Ramayana, who is Rama’s sister?


25. Name of which animal comes from a Spanish word meaning ‘little armoured one’?


26. The Chinese pilgrim Fa-hien visited Kannauj between 399 and 414 A.D. during the reign of…



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28. Who was the British Prime Minister when India became independent?


29. The oldest capital of which south Indian dynasty was Uraiyur(now Tiruchirappalli)?


30. In India, ‘Duty Unto Death’ is the motto of which organization?


31. Which animal with their strange eyes, can focus on two directions at a time?


32. Which city in Uttarakhand would you go to if you want to attend the Kumbh Mela?


33. Fill in the blanks with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to figure out the correct answer. Go sequentially from left to right without following BODMAS.

6 9 7 95 = 10

34. Find the number that logically completes the series: 2, 3, 5, 9, 17



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36. What is the name of ‘five principles of peace’ advocated by Pandit Nehru?


37. Who appoints the Attorney general of India?


38. Which battle of Panipat was fought in the 18th century?


39. Apart from India, with which country does Bangladesh share its land boundaries?


40. Who was the first person to detect Radio Waves?


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