Our Team

Our team has Individuals who are enthusiastic,passionate about working with children and enjoy writing stories, poems, articles related to children.

Sujatha Balaji

Chief Editor and Author

A foray to the Teaching profession with a Masters in Literature, she is a content writer and editor. She yearns to learn as she believes that ‘Learning is eternal’. A person with an approachable persona, she is keen on drawing a SMILE on the faces of people who she associates. She has Articles, Poetry and much more to her credit. She believes the four SKILLS of – ‘Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing’ as key to effective Communication. Her emphasis is on Functional Grammar, a connecting tool to comprehending English language. A moderately voracious reader, she is comfortable with all genres of reading. She takes interest in updating herself with all thumb rules of Grammar. On the whole, she loves to be amidst children.

Rachel Vidya Poodari


A naïve teacher with a soft temperament and a flair for English Language, she is a Masters in English Literature and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She has the willingness to compose Articles especially for children and evinces on Grammar Proficiency. She has written stories and is an intense Quiz mistress. Keeps informed of facts and current affairs. A Fashion aficionado and a morality quotient in conducting herself, mark her signature recognition. On the whole, she is a writer who wishes to reach out to people as much possible. She is a mother to a girl and boy and leads a content life with her spouse. She loves to interact with children of all age groups and this is the success key. Her advice to children is to learn in a slow and steady manner. Currently, she is based in Switzerland.