A friend in need,
Is a friend indeed.
So goes the old quote,
Which is more than remote.

The best you have of it,
Together, you stand, eat or sit.
In each other’s company,
Where only TWO and not many.

Laughter, fun and merry,
These memories forever you carry.
Going back on the line of time,
How each other takes a mime!

Trying to be with each other,
And around…..never a bother.
Enjoying every moment,
With talk and lovely comment.

What makes this relationship?
Which we define as friendship!
A thought for each one,
And never feeling, it was for someone.

Blessed are those with lovely friends,
Who seal your way to fiends.
Marking a bond very strong,
Which rings a bell…ding-dong!!!!!

Let your life be great,
With friends in…….and wonderful fate.
So, do make some… or a few,
And live your life with a good clue!

-Sujatha Balaji