About Us

Welcome to Whizbeez. Whizbeez is meant for children who love to read, solve problems and showcase their work and be rewarded for their efforts. Children learn a lot when the learning practices becomes more activity based. Whizbeez is the place where children can find lot of useful information. We conduct both online and offline events where a child can upload their work, be it a painting, drawing, stories, poetry etc. We reward the children for their contributions. Participants are given certificates, prize winners are given cash rewards or gift vochers based on the event they participate in.


Know the world around you

In Whizbeez facts column we have publish information about the information about various facts abouts, plants, animals, historic places, various traditions and cultures.

Maths tips and tricks

Children find it easy to play with numbers when it is thought to them in a simplied and easy manner. In Maths club we prepare activity sheets as per the age group where children can work on them with ease.

Short Stories

We publish short stories written by contributors who are passionate about writing stories for children. Wide variety of intresting stories are publish here. 

Series – Bhoju and Raman

Bhoju and Raman and stories designed and created exclusively for Whizbeez. These series have a lot of interesting stories about life of Bhoju and Raman, adventures , troubles that they get into and the fun they have with friends

Online quiz

Children like to participate the quiz we conduct online. They get the know lot of information about various topics as they participate in the quiz contest we have for various age groups.


We visit schools to conduct offline events, where the event details are shared with the students. Interested students can pay the registration fee of Rs.100/- or Rs 200/- based on the event they participate. Login credentials will be shared with the students using which they can upload their work. Existing members can follow the instructions given on events page.

Team building

Team building is an important aspect which every individual needs to learn from early age. We conduct events for students and staff at school to encourage them to understand the importance on team building.

Rewards and Awards

We publish the results of various events that we conduct both online and offline. Best contributions will be published on the website with award winners details

Our Team

Our teams has Individuals who are enthusiastic,passionate about working with children and enjoy writing stories, poems, articles related to children.