The Apple Tree

The Apple Tree

Years ago, there lived a little boy named Shamu who had no friends and lived a desolate life.  Every day, he would visit the nearby park and sit under the big apple tree and watch other children play. Those children never let Shamu play with them. This made him unhappy.

One day Shamu heard a voice from the apple tree and he was startled.

“What happened and why are you sad?” asked the apple tree. Shamu replied, “I have no friends!” Apple tree said, “Pluck my delicious apples and distribute them among those children!” Shamu did as he was told.

Soon the children befriended him. Slowly Shamu stopped visiting the apple tree.

Years later, Shamu, now a teenager, sadly returned to the apple tree. This made the tree happy. But! Seeing Shamu sad, the tree also grew unhappy.

“What happened Shamu? Why are you so sad?”

“I do not have musical instruments, which I wish to learn!”

“Cut my branches and get the instrument grafted!”

Shamu happily leaves the tree. Many years later, Ramu is a young man who realizes that it is a must to work and marry. He needs a Capital to start his business. Having no way out, he returns to the apple tree.

Apple tree suggests, “Why don’t you cut my big branches and sell it in the market? Use that money for your needs”. Happily, Ramu once again leaves the apple tree.

Ramu married, settled and wanted to build a house. He returns to this tree and the tree suggested him to utilize the TRUNK to build a house for himself.

Ramu was delighted and jumps with happiness. As years moved on, Ramu having grown old, lost his wealth became weak and aged. He wanted to buy medicines for his ailment. He returns once more, to the tree.

To his astonishment, the tree is no more! Instead he hears sounds from the ROOTS.

“What happened my dear friend?” ask the ROOTS (Apple Tree).

“I do not have money to buy medicines!”

The tree…nay…ROOTS suggested, “You may took my roots! Goodbye my friend. Take care!”

Shamu goes and buys his medicines………

MORAL: The Apple tree was true friend while Shamu was opportunistic!

Written by,

Sujatha Sekhar Balaji
Rachel Vidya